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We specialize in Smooth Jazz, Dance / EDM, and Chill Music Artists
Tone 1 Music is an independent American record label representing creative artists with unique musical talents.

TONE 1 MUSIC has a reputation for having our finger on the pulse of upcoming music trends. By actively following the cutting edge of the music scene, we’re known for finding uniquely creative artists and opportunities.  Each of our artists tell their own musical stories their way, and TONE 1 MUSIC exists to help tell their stories with authenticity.

We offer a refreshing change to the traditional way an artist-label relationship works.  We strive to find quality musicians whose work is fresh and honest, and bring their creative messages to audiences everywhere.  We are committed to bringing our creative artists’ music to the distribution channels that work best.

stay in love mon a q
stay in love mon a q

Our Beginnings

We started our journey in 1996 as a publishing company for the Matrix record label upon their launch of the artist Mon a Q and her global hit single “Stay in Love”. The focus of Tone 1 at that time was EDM/Dance related music. We then continued to evolve and transitioned into a complete dance oriented record label representing exceptional artists like Daphne Rose, Tara Z, FRONT, and of course Mon a Q.

joshua pinkham
joshua pinkham

Our Direction

TONE 1 MUSIC has now embarked on yet another journey with the expansion of genres into Smooth Jazz and other related areas. We are very proud to transition and now include Smooth Jazz with Grammy nominee Josh Pinkham as our featured artist. Josh is bringing a new sound to the genre through his virtuosity performances on the Tenor Guitar.

Tone 1 Music is excited to continue to discover and represent new and upcoming artists, bringing new sounds and creative expressions of music to the masses. Look for our artists and their releases on all major digital distribution sites, as well as on a variety of radio broadcasts.

Tone 1 Music Group, LLC
Sam Toney, CEO & President
16304 Avila Blvd., Tampa, FL 33613

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